Important Notice For Subscription Plan!

As requested by some of our followers, we have came out a subscription plan. Anyone who interested, drop me an email :

** This is only for those have PAYPAL or SKRILL or Western Union.

Email : [email protected]

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32 Responses

  1. John says:

    Tip for today ?

  2. Revaz says:

    Were is the tip?

  3. Yavor says:

    How to become a member my man 😉

  4. Yavor says:

    Do you have tips for 29 january

    • nick says:

      Free tips is subject to tips availability. And if you haven rate this app 5 star, pls rate us first. To locate our app,in playstore type “soccer tips” , find our app , and rate us 5 star. Tq

  5. ken says:

    i dont hw to use this application

  6. ken says:

    i don’t know hw uses this application pls help

    • nick says:

      Hi Ken.
      For Free Insider Tips, wait for us to publish. But it will be published once in a while.
      For Subscriber Tips, if you have PAYPAL or Skrill account, email to us for subscription inquiry.
      Our email : [email protected]

  7. waswa says:

    New fan in the block

  8. Idris says:

    i just got this app now. how am i going to be sure about your bets befor i subcribe?
    please i need to be sure of what am going to pay for because i have wasted money on so many.

    • nick says:

      Hi Idris, you can follow our free tips first, its taken out from subscriber tips. Before this, pls read the important notice first.

  9. Dalaba Calvin Kevin says:

    I want to be a member

  10. Cevi says:

    So how much does it cost, to subscribe?

  11. Jonathan says:

    I saw the tip up earlier is it being released today!? Sorry if I keep commenting I just don’t see my post being posted.

  12. oke says:

    give me free tips to be shure

    • nick says:

      For free tips, every free user has to discover the tips on his own. If that day we have free tips, we will share it 15min before match starts, this is to be fair to our subscribers, as the free tips are taken out from the subscriber tips.

  13. maze says:

    Any tip for today and tomorrow..hope my payment has been verified

  14. maze says:

    Any tip for today

  15. maze says:

    This is the best so far..It been long I won a bet.. thumps up man

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